A Living Legacy - The Story of the Endangered Wolf Center (book)

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An exciting, exclusive new book outlining the Center's 50 year conservation legacy. Complete with plenty of behind-the-scenes info, a forward by Marguerite Perkins Garrik, and beautiful color photographs. 



Imagine a world without wolves. Imagine a time when a night’s stillness would never be interrupted with a haunting, beautiful howl. In 1972, zoologist Marlin Perkins and his wife, Carol Perkins, were well aware of that possibility—and it would have become reality if they had not founded the Endangered Wolf Center. At the time, this country’s Mexican and red wolves were on the brink of extinction. Flash forward 50 years, and every Mexican wolf alive can trace its DNA back to the EWC, located on acres of wooded land near St. Louis, Missouri. In this book, you can meet the first wolves, Nina, Don Diego, and Sylvia, and then meet their living legacies...their pups. And grandpups. And great-grandpups, as ingenious breeding and fostering methods restore more and more wolves to the wild. Read about the struggles, laughter, discoveries, international partnerships, and heartwarming stories that unfolded as the EWC helped stabilize these populations, rebalance ecosystems, bust myths, and educate the world about these exquisitely sensitive, intelligent animals.


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