The Gift Shop at Endangered Wolf Center

The Celeste Ruwwe Gift Shop at the Endangered Wolf Center offers products for sale in support of the Center, the endangered wolves and other canids in our care.  We promote nature, conservation education and encourage curiosity about the five species here.

We support preservation and protection of both the Mexican wolf, one of the most endangered species in the world, and the red wolf, which once roamed freely throughout Missouri and Illinois.

We strive to defend the highly endangered African painted dog, an extremely social pack animal, as well as the maned wolf, a native of South America facing loss of habitat and struggling to survive as a species.

We support and celebrate the success of the swift fox, which was removed from the endangered species list in the United States but remains on the watch list.  They are still considered endangered in Canada.

All proceeds from Gift Shop purchases help further our mission of preserving these species that are so vital to healthy ecosystems. 




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