Pup Box

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Help us support the newest members of our pack- all while enjoying great bundled savings on some of our amazing gift shop merchandise!


What's Included?

Note: Each box comes with a free surprise gift!


$100 Tier:

-Paper paw print from a Mexican or red wolf

-African painted dog reclaimed snare wire sculpture 

-Red wolf "Made In America" T-shirt 

-Logo coffee mug 

-8" wolf plush 

-recycled journal with pen

-Engraved EWC pencil

-EWC stickers


$200 Tier: 

All products included at the previous tier, plus:

-One-of-a-kind animal art print by one of our canids

-Copy of our new exclusive Living Legacy book, about the history and impact of the Endangered Wolf Center

-EWC baseball cap

-Red wolf notepad

-Clay refrigerator magnent 

-Reclaimed snare wire keychain


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